2022 Aaron’s Choice

Cover Letter From a Recent Colledge Grad

Tresha Faye Haefner

I was excited to find your ad for an easy entry-level chance to prove myself, reason to get out of bed, place to feel useful position in your company. As a recent graduate of sitting in a classroom, listening to others, I believe I have the skills to replace you help your company grow. Please validate, accept, pay let me explain why I am the hungriest, best candidate for this position.

As an art major, I have many unanswerable longings, sleepless nights areas of interest. I have focused my attention on feminine colors, the history of the body as described by dulcimers, the use of sustainable materials in modern art. My major accomplishment was juggling a job and a book report, showing up at class on time a photo essay of something I saw at a party, I noticed dresses, hung like lights in a tree. This image still haunts me. Those dresses, yellow as Easter, blue as the egg of an iguana, like the ones I wore at Sunday school, became the basis of a photo essay, which won my school’s budding artist of the year award. I believe this demonstrates my ability to ignore chatter in noisy rooms, drink until things get interesting notice details, and seduce others into the unanswered questions recognize opportunities others might miss. 

I am enthusiastically seeking something I can believe in, a place I can plant myself a position in a company with strong ideals, where I can climb heavenward, floating use my energy and my creativity to problem-solve the heart’s need for clarity, the knees desire to kneel at an altar, the greatest challenges of the industry. I am quick of study and seek a place where I can learn from others how to grow my body into flight. I know the challenges our modern world faces are unique. I believe I have the curiosity to ask what happens when a woman outgrows her usefulness as an object, tough questions does she simply become another kind of object? Her pastels deepening into irrelevance and to keep asking tough questions, until I find why those women left the party? When will these women unique solutions, return to claim their dresses that will guide this industry which hang like lights into the future in the lonely arms of a tree?.

Sincerely Yours,